The Reader Ministry serves to proclaim the good news of the scriptures during Mass, Eucharistic Celebrations, and other services of worship. The Readers also lead the congregation in the Prayers of the Faithful.

Parishioners interested in serving in this ministry should contact Father Sean at 908-874-8220.

Information for existing Readers

Mary, Mother of God Ministry Schedule for EMs, Readers and Altar Servers.

Password Protected Ministry Homepage (requires username and password)

The daily readings from the New American Bible are available from the USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) website. Click here to see the readings for every Mass or listen to the readings at the USCCB Audio site. The Bible Gateway website offers audio from Max McLean and is helpful for assisting with pronunciation. Just go to the audio section of the Bible Gateway , then select which version of the Bible to listen to. This is NOT a Catholic website so they do not have the NAB in their list, but the names and places are all the same (unless the name you need is from the apocrypha ).

Mary, Mother of God Procedures for Readers
The Diocesan website also contains a Readers Guidelines Document. (Spanish Version)