How to Obtain a Print-Out of Your Online Giving History

(Within a Specified Date Range)

Login to your Online Giving account.

You will see a menu entitled “(Your Name) Online Giving Home”.

 Five menu options are shown.

Click on the fourth option, “My Online Giving History”.

You will now see a page that lists all of your past giving in two columns, Calendar Year-to-Date and Total Giving.

Click on the PRINT button which appears in a small yellow box in the upper right.

You will now be taken to a command page entitled “Print Online Giving History Report”.

You are asked for a date range.  For your 2019 report, show the following dates:  1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019.

You are asked if you want a summary or a full detailed report.  The summary will show totals by collection; the detailed report will show each individual donation made.

Your report will appear on the screen.  You can (1) print it or (2) download it as a pdf file.

Our Parish offers a convenient alternative to use of church offering envelopes.  It's a simple and safe method of making your contributions through automatic monthly deductions from your checking or savings account or your favorite credit card.

No longer do you have to worry about your envelope or preparing a check or stopping at an ATM as you come to church.  Instead you will reduce the number of checks you write, you can get bonus miles or points on your credit card and the Parish can plan on consistent financial support.

The following links will help you better understand the process and get you started:

Once you are ready, follow these simple steps:

  • Sign-up on our secure web site and designate your offerings for weekly, special and one-time collections. Mary, Mother of God Online Giving
  • Once the completed form is submitted, you will receive a welcome email letting you know that you have been enrolled. Your designated gifts will be automatically withdrawn from your  bank account or charged to your credit card on the date you specify.
  • Login to your account any time you wish and make changes as you see fit. You are in control.