Photo Gallery- click links below to see the pictures



Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Diocese December 12  Click here for pictures

Fr. John's First month at MMOG in pictures  Click here for pictures

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass Dec 9- the first 5 are videos. Click here to see pictures

General pictures of Dec 8  Click here for pictures

November 10, 2018- Welcoming Fr. John, Mass with Fr. Sean and Fr. John Photos of Mass


s and r Mass


Fr. Sean Retirement Party Oct 28, 2018 - click the link.  Party Pictures    Please note that when Ralph is talking with microphone to Fr. Sean there are two videos of this, one is 2 minutes and the other is 6 minutes.  Also a few others here and there.  Wonderful party.

Pumpkin Patch 2018 Link to picture

Hispanic Fiesta Oct 14-click here for pictures

Fr. Alex at Women's Group- June Pictures

Pre K Graduation Pictures  Please note, the first 5 are videos.

Relics of St. Pio at Diocese  St Pio Relics

Confirmation 2018  4:30 General pictures  4:30 Session

Confirmation 2018  7:30 General Pictures 7:30 pm

Farewell to Margaret-  April 14, 2018

Easter Vigil Mass 2018- March 31Easter Vigil Mass   Please note, the first 5 are videos. 

Holy Thursday   Holy Thursday 2018


Christmas Eve Children's Mass in Church  Mass in Church

Christmas Eve Chilren's Mass in Gym Mass in Gym Christmas Eve

Pumpki Patch for kids- October 29,107  Pumpkin Patch

Rosarian's Spaghetti Dinner Oct 22, 2017  Spaghetti Dinner Pictures

Youth Group Carving Pumpkins for next week. Oct 22, 2017  Pictures of the teens

Hispanic Fiesta Oct 8, 2017 Hispanic Fiesta

Life Chain- October 1, 2017 Life Chain Pictures

Corpus Christi- June 17, 2017 Corpus Christi

Spanish Adult  Confirmation June 2017 Spanish Adult Confirmations

General Pictures of the 5 pm Confirmation  Confirmation 5 pm

General Pictures of the 7:30 pm Confirmation Confirmation 7:30 pm

Good FridayVeneration of the Cross

Good Friday- Live Stations of the Cross 2017

April 13- Holy Thursday Mass  Mass of the Lord's Supper

April 9- Easter Egg Hunt Children's Easter Egg Hunt

March 1  Ash Wednesday

March 6  Msgr. Liam's 10th Anniversary Mass

March 17  St. Patrick's Day Dinner Dance

March 19  Sunday's Coffee Social

March 20 Night of Recollection Fr. Sean Winters

March 22  Women's Group- Fr. Sean


Easter Egg Hunt Pictures

HS Youth Group Mass- October

Live Stations of the Cross

Easter Mass in Gym

Christmas Eve Children's Mass


Ministry Fair

Thanksgiving Project

Christmas Eve 2015



Continuing the Vision Movie-     click here to watch movie 12 minutes long