adopt a seniorAdopt-A-Senior

This group strives to create “friendships” for elderly residing in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities who would benefit from visits and contact with parishioners who can share the precious gift of time with grateful seniors.

A list of the elderly who would appreciate visits is maintained by the group. Volunteers, who can be individuals or families, are asked to spend time with an assigned senior. Visits generally last about 30 to 45 minutes and ideally each senior will have at least 2 different volunteers doing visitations. Visiting once or twice a month is ideal, although more can be done too if suitable for the senior and volunteer.

The seniors are engaged in productive activities such as conversation, looking at photos, playing cards and games, writing letters and visiting gardens. Adult volunteers are encouraged to bring family members, including children, when they visit. The program provides a great way for generations to come together.