High School Youth Group

Our Upcoming Event-

 See below for permission slips for 30 Hr Fast and Information about it, for teens and parents.

About 30 hour fast- 30_Hour_Fast_info_and_invitation.pdf

Permission Slip for 30 Hr Fast.  May 4-5, 2019 30_Hour_Fast_Registration_form_2019.pdf 


MMoG High School Youth Group Calendar from March 2019 

March 24 -  7 to 9pm meeting

Week of March 25th- Stations with 7thand 8thGrade Religious Ed Classes 

  • Tuesday, March 26thCCD class starts at 7 pm
  • Wednesday, March 27th CCD class starts at 7 pm
  • Thursday, March 28thCCD class starts at 5 pm

March 31 -  7 to 9pm meeting

April 4 – Thursday night 

  • First WELCOME/INVITE presentation 8thGrade class in YC @ 5pm (Hand out 30 Hr Fast reg form)

April 7 Sunday afternoon -

  • Pam Stenzel live; Teens to host and be greeters; Pam starts at 2 pm (Our Teens should arrive by 1:45 pm at least if not sooner.)
  • About 4 to 7pm (when event has concluded) àPizza and meeting
  • No 7 to 9 pm regular meeting

April 12  Friday

  • Plant pick-up and delivery; Prep snacks in Schellberg Hall kitchen; Make posters; Carry up crafts

April 13 Saturday 

  • Crafts and Easter Egg Hunt SetupNoon
  • Crafts and Easter Egg Hunt 2 to 3:30 pm
  • Cleanup crafts and setup plant sale3:30 to 4:30 pm
  • Palm Sunday Weekend Plant Sale4:30 to 8 pm

April 14 Sunday

  • Palm Sunday Weekend Plant Sale7am to 2 pm
  • No 7 to 9 pm regular meeting

April 16  Tuesday

  • 8thGraders in YC – WELCOME/INVITE presentation (Hand out 30 Hr Fast reg form) 7 pm

April 17  Wednesday

  • 8thGraders in YC – WELCOME/INVITE presentation (Hand out 30 Hr Fast reg form) 7 pm

April 21 -  Easter!  No Meeting

April 28-  7 to 9pm meeting 

May 4-5 Saturday and Sunday

  • 30 Hour Fast; Talk @ Masses/Collection; Fire startersservice and Fun!

May 12 -  Mother’s Day  No Meeting                                                                                  

May 19 –  7 to 9pm Meeting

May 26 -  Memorial Day Weekend  No Meeting

June 2 -  Senior Tributes with dinner

June 9 -  Youth Group Car Wash- During the Masses on that Sunday

June 16 -  Father’s Day  No Meeting

June 23 -  End of School Year BBQ

Printable Calendar MMoG_High_School_Youth_Group_Calendar_17Mar2019_For_distribution.pdf

High School Youth Group 

The Mary, Mother of God High School Youth Group provides a community where our high school teens can become active members of our Parish and enrich their own spiritual lives and our larger community. The group provides an environment where the teens can feel accepted and comfortable, to be themselves, as they share in fellowship, service and socials.

The group has its own Youth Center where they meet every Sunday night from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (September through June). Teen Mass- (check bulletins since Mass dates change periodically) of each month, the meeting is preceded by a teen Mass at 6:00 pm in the teen center. The teen center (TC) is located in the Parish Center, under the gym.

Through the year the group participates in many activities including: weekend retreats, 30-hour famine, visits to nursing homes, plant sales for Easter and Christmas, swim parties, Great Adventure, and other excursions and much more.

Oct 22, 2017-Pictures of Youth Group Pumpkin Carving in preparation for next week. Click here:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/kxPpSci3Tf0YkXoy2

 Christmas Mass and Party, December 18,2016  Pictures

April 9- 2017-Easter Egg Hunt Children's Easter Egg Hunt