Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
"When the wind blows, the windmills go wheeling round all together.
But there is another Wind, I mean the Spirit, which is sweeping nations with a broom.
When you have it unchained, it sets all the human landscape a-moving.
-----climb to the top of a tree with me, then you will understand all things, simply by seeing them together, they are all parts of one wide panorama." Paul Claudel

By the sacrament of Confirmation, the baptized are enriched with a special vision and strength of the Holy Spirit. They are true witnesses of Christ, as the Apostles were at Pentecost, and are more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.

Confirmaton is considered one of the three "sacraments of initiation" along with Baptism and the Eucharist. Christ instituted Confirmation to keep his promise to send the Holy Spirit. John 14:15-21

The promise was fulfilled on Easter Sunday and then more strikingly at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles.

They were transformed, receiving the powers of speaking persuasively, performing miracles and demonstrating the holiness of the Christian life.  

Those who believed in the apostolic preaching and were baptized received the gift of the Holy Spirit in their turn.

From the time of the Apostles, the church in fullfillment of Christ's will teaches that by the laying on of hands, the recipient receives the gift of the Spirit thereby completng the grace of Baptism. 

The imposition of hands is rightly recognized by Catholic Tradition as the origin of the sacrament of Confirmation, perpetuating  the grace of Pentecost in the Church.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is made each year at a time determined by the Bishop of the Diocese.

Confirmation: Confirmation Information

Those who have gone through the R.C.I.A. Program are confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass.

For more information on Confirmation, please watch the following short video produced by the Paulist Fathers:  Sacrament of Confirmation